Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lauren Conrad's Sweet & Sexy Hair Tutorial

There's something about Lauren Conrad that just resonates with me. It's not only her sense of style or amazing eye liner and flawless face, it's also her hair. She's not afraid to try new styles all the time to match the style of her latest outfit and I love that.

So, you can imagine how pleased I was to run across this mini tutorial for a really sweet but sexy retro look. It's Veronica Lake made modern.

I'm not sure who originally posted this image on Tumblr, but I reblogged it from GlamAttractions.

I'm in love with the entire look, from the perfect curls to the red lip I wish I could rock with as much confidence, she looks really for a glamorous night out!

She also makes it look so much easier than I'm sure it is. I've never found dealing with a curling iron to be successful for me. Hot rollers always seem to make the curl last longer.

What about you? Would you try this look and if so, does a curling iron work with your hair? How long does the curl last and would you recommend your iron?

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