Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love Outlet Deals? There's an App For That!

Now I'll be the first to admit that not all outlets are created equal. In fact, there are some designer labels that create entirely seperate lines just for thier outlet stores which always makes me feel a little duped. I mean I go to the designer outlet because I LIKE that designer and am looking for mark-downs on their last season's clothes. I don't want the equivalent of a cheap knock-off!

I've always wondered if they realize that they are not putting their best foot forward by creatign these cheaper clothes and that many consumers just don't realize that the level of quality they are getting at the outlet isn't what they would get with the regular line.

Okay, off that soapbox! Because what I really want to talk about are those really awesome deals and steals you can find at some great outlet stores if you just know which ones to go to.

Some of my favorite stores can be found in the Tanger Outlet centers. Now there isn't a location right near me, but there is one on our way to my in-laws so I make it a point to stop there a few times a year. Imagine my excitement then to discover that Tanger Outlets now has their very own app! It even has some really cool functionality for us stylish girls looking for great bargins. Here are some of the cool features of the app from the Tanger Outlets website:
  • CUSTOMIZED SHOPPING EXPERIENCE - Load the app and choose your favorite outlet center, then see customized content based on your center.
  • LOCATION-BASED OFFERS - Our advanced location-based technology displays exclusive app-only specials and offers as you shop.
  • SHOPPING TOOLS - Bookmark your favorite coupons or brands right in the app, create a shopping Wishlist to plan your shopping trip and share with your friends or try out our brand new QR code reader to find new deals and specials just by pointing your cell phone camera!
  • TWITTER, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE AND LATITUDE - Tweet your favorite deals, browse and post on our Facebook wall, watch our YouTube videos, or find out where your friends are shopping with Google Latitude integration, all right inside the app.       
  • TANGER TEXT DEALS - Sign up for Tanger Text Deals to get special Tanger coupons, sales offers, promotions and event notifications sent directly to your mobile phone
The Tanger Outlet App is available for both iPhones and Android devices.

*Photo from Tanger Outlet Website


  1. yaa I agree I don't really like knock offs either if I can afford the real thing!!

  2. Yep. I do love how I can use knock-offs for items that are very current, but my clothes I really love and will wear over and over need to be quality. Some outlet stores do really offer the real thing, but I wish more shoppers understood where to shop for that.

  3. REALLY an app for outlet deals?? If I lived in the suburbs I'd totally get this because...I am an outlet mall fanatic! My office is casual and I've seen waaaaaaay too many outfits that really pass for weekend errands running...

  4. I think I have that app. it is quite a lifesaver to seek out deals ;)